Sunday, 24 August 2008

Little Red Riding Hood by Nuno Plati

Nuno Plati's blog is a great place to check out lots fantastic works from this wonderfully talented artist. Largely, his stuff focuses on American superheroes, and I have to say that I adore his takes on certain popular characters.
He's also one of the artists who has worked on Marvel's line of fairy tale-inspired books, a line that has done a great job of spotlighting various usually-obscure but always very talented artists within the industry, but I'll likely post more on those at a later date (because yes, there is a LRRH issue that I wish to highlight).
And of course, in case you couldn't tell, he's also the artist behind the above piece. Enjoy, and make sure to check out his blog for more of his stuff. Especially his superhero stuff; I for one simply cannot get enough of his bright, dynamic figures.

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