Saturday, 28 February 2009

No Spider-Man or Avengers Fairy Tales trades, it seems

It's sad to see that, despite the fact that C.B. Cebulski's X-Men Fairy Tales comic book miniseries was released in trade paperback form, the follow-ups Spider-Man Fairy Tales and Avengers Fairy Tales will not, meaning that the casual comic book consumer - or those that simply don't have great access to comic shops - will likely not get to experience them. Still, I'd advise having a look out for these series in online stores if you're interested, as the concept is still a very good one that often yielded some quite interesting results. Also, the series often featured artists you're not likely to see doing work in mainstream American comics too often, so was frequently a visual treat as well.

Edited to add: Ok, I'm an idiot. Apparently Spider-Man Fairy Tales has indeed been released as a TPB and I just somehow missed it. Still, it looks like there's going be at least quite some delay before the Avengers edition comes out.


C.B. Cebulski said...

Thanks so much for your interest in the Fairy Tales titles! I really appreciate it!

Actually, I've been promised an Avengers Fairy Tales trade is on the way soon. Fingers crossed...

Now I just need to get my Fantastic Four Fairy Tales idea approved! :)

Take care,

Jayunderscorezero said...

You're welcome, Mr Cebulski, and thank you for the great comics.

Avengers Fairy Tales was a series that came out just as I was moving house away from the geekier side of civilisation (i.e. anywhere near a comic shop) so I just got a bit pissy when it looked as if it wasn't going to be coming out in trade either, and I might therefore miss it completely. Thanks for letting me know otherwise, though. I'll look forward to it coming out.

And yes, Fantastic Four Fairy Tales is obviously the perfect choice for a next series in the line. I've got my fingers crossed for you and that one, too.

Thanks again for your comment on my wee little blog. Take care yourself,