Sunday, 1 March 2009

Emerald City Confidential

When it comes to finding a way to describe the overall mise-on-scene of point-and-click-adventure game Emerald City Confidential, I really can't do better than the game's own creator, Dave Gilbert, who calls it "Raymond Chandler meets L. Frank Baum." Emerald City Confidential is a gem of a game that puts a film noir spin on the wonderful world of Oz, coming up with something that's a little Sam Spade, a little Gregory Maguire and with just a hint of Sam & Max (I was right, I really couldn't do better than the game's creator).

ECC is a thoroughly engaging game that's sure to be an especial treat for Oz geeks. For more on this game and its genesis, check out the video below which features an interview with the game's creator (from which I snagged the above quotation).


SSH said...

If you liked the ECC adventure game, check out the free game "Once Upon a Crime", about Red Riding Hood turned Private Investigator!

Jayunderscorezero said...

Wow, thanks for that recommmndation. I've just completed the game and it was exactly my sort of thing. Thanks again.