Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Inaugural Oz post, plus: BadEggs-x

One of the things that I intend for the future of this blog is to expand its scope so that it becomes about not just Little Red Riding Hood media but media related to some of the other popular fairy tales that I am interested in as well. This should increase productivity around here and also allow me an outlet for my various other obsessions. So this post here is my very first post about something not at all LRRH-related: the Wizard of Oz.

Yes, I know that one could easily argue that the Wizard of Oz is not a fairy tale at all, but it certainly seems to be a peculiar kind of modern fairy tale, along with lots of other, similar texts that originated in the late nineteenth, early twentieth century, such as Peter Pan or Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass (and yes, I do intend to do a post about Lost Girls - a modern and very "mature" updating of all three of the above - someday). The Wizard of Oz has certainly nestled its way into the imagination of countless modern writers, artists, song writers and game designers (and of course, bloggers), and I certainly intend on writing about that here.

So, to kick off, here's a link to a particularly useful index of Oz-related books (Personally, I highly rate Geoff Ryman's Was and Gregory Maguire's Wicked). As well as some photography by (and often starring) the wonderful BadEggs-x:

I recommend checking out BaddEgg-x's deviantart page, in particular her Once Upon a Time series, which of course also features none other than - who else? - Ms Little Red Riding Hood:

And incidentally, yes, I do realise that I could always just create a separate blog for things related to other fairy tales, but I'd rather keep a cap on just how many blogs I can feasibly neglect at one time, if that's ok (*still feeling slightly shameful after having left this one alone for so long*).

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