Sunday, 16 August 2009

SpectalFairy's Crimson Fables

SpectralFairy is apparently working on a novel entitled Lacrime Nere. In the midst of writing it, though, they've also taken the time to illustrate some of the characters from the novel using archetypes from fairytale fiction such as Bluebeard, Peter Pan, or indeed Little Red Riding Hood/The Company of Wolves as in the above picture (entitled "I never knew a wolf could cry" after a quotation from said film). These images are all done in a simply gorgeous gothic lineart style using only black & white and shades of red, which all works incredibly well to summon a certain sinister but also sensual mood.

SpectralFairy has also done a Snow White piece which is technically unrelated but still shares many of the elements of the above works.

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