Sunday, 14 December 2008

The Big Bad

Once again, the underlying themes of illicit sex and murder present in the classic fairytale are exploded, this time in The Big Bad, a short film from amateur film-maker "LimeAftertasteLLC," who gives the story a sapphic twist. If I'm being frank though, some of the acting on display is questionable at best.

(warning: mature content)

All Roads Lead From Home

It may not be strictly a LRRH game, but there's definitely some familiar themes going on in old favourite auntie pixelante's game All Roads Lead From Home. Just remember: it's dangerous to stray from the path, young child!

Fesign's Little Red Riding Hood

More Flickr now, this time with fesign's take on Little Red Riding Hood (warning: some more mature-themed photography in this photographer's stream).

Denise Alba's Fairytale Flickr

Denise Alba has a great fairytale-themed set up on Flickr, including images of LRRH as well as other fairytale-inspired creations, all of which have the same wonderful aesthetic on display.