Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Gang of Wolves and the Girl

I haven't seen it, but based on this particular trailer, this troupe's take on what is clearly the story of Little Red Riding Hood looks like quite a spectacle, with lots of great costume design, singing, dancing and circus arts on display. I may have to investigate these guys further.

The Girl & The Wolf

A fairly straightforward modern, animated take on LRRH from Button Films via James Thurber's amusing interpretation.

The Red Hat and the Wolf

I'll be honest, I'm not entirely certain what this is. It appears to be some sort of public service announcement to do with (online) sexual predators. This is actually a fairly common reading of some of the themes at work in the LRRH story. Still, I'll be honest, this isn't exactly the greatest vid I've ever posted on here.

Big Wolf and Little Girl

The animation may be crude (to be fair, it's all done in MSpaint!) but there's a few neat touches in this little animation from 'fherueda'.

Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

LRRH and the Wolf may compete, but they seem a lot happier when getting along in George Gendi's neat little animation.

I like that the traditional story is eschewed in favour of a simple noughts & crosses (tic tac toe) game. The roles of LRRH and the wolf are reduced to their basic functions of antagonists of one another, so the overall story of the piece still very much comes across (plus, I bet that tic tac toe game was much easier to animate than the alternative).