Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Still, on hiatus...

...But just wanted to remind everyone about the new Twitter account. Even if you're not on Twitter, the feed turns up over there on the right, so you can follow it even from this site.

The latest tweet is about "Caperucita Feroz," an interesting-looking LRRH-themed t-shirt design featured at http://riptapparel.com/. This particular t-shirt is not available from there anymore (they only sell each t-shirt for 24 hours), but still, I recommend checking out the site anyway, which you can do by clicking on the ad link below.

Anyway, ciao, see you guys in the twitterverse!


Snow White Archive said...

Just found your blog. Sorry to hear you're on hiatus. Snow sends her regards to Red.

Jay Polychronopolis said...

Sorry for leaving a comment that's off the topic Jay. But a Suicide Squad blog just started up yesterday and i thought you might be interested in: http://suicidesquadtaskforcex.blogspot.com/